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Hello! Here's a bit about us...

We're a team of engineers, operators and entrepreneurs who have come together with a passion to develop industry leading lightshow drones.


Our motives are simple, we want to create a great product that is safe, effective and easy-to-use; its a mammoth task to manage, organise and maintain hundreds of drones and so we as a manufacturer wanted to do our bit to help operators make it as simple and easy as possible!

We find the whole technology and experience fascinating but were underwhelmed when we realised the current issues and limitations within the market and so set to work developing the next generation of lightshow drone - PIXEL

We're based on the vibrant University of Lincoln campus located in the centre of Lincoln. Our offices are held within the Sparkhouse enterprise building.

Why Dynamix? | UK Lightshow Drone Manufacturer

Why Dynamix? | UK Lightshow Drone Manufacturer

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We're partnered with Skyshows Aerial Limited and Collmot Robotics who have actively engaged in the development and testing of the Pixel Lightshow Drone. Skyshows Aerial are drone lightshow operators based in the UK equipped with an expanding fleet of 100 aircraft. CollMot Robotics have developed the Skybrush software suite for designing, viewing and operating drone lightshows.

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