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Pixel Weatherproof Lightshow Drone
Pixel Lightshow Drone Logo

Light Dynamix Ltd present the 'Pixel' lightshow drone; designed with usability in mind the Pixel drone is a lightweight and compact system with advanced features including smart batteries for safer, easier charging and a unique remote on/off system to improve the operators workflow by allowing users to turn individual or multiple aircraft on simultaneously from the ground control station. Pixel uses an F9-P dual-band RTK positioning system for cm level accuracy and increased redundancy while also reducing survey times.

We have designed a whole eco-system to create a complete solution for our customers and make the process as simple to operate as possible. We have partnered with Skybrush to provide industry leading software, developed specialist multiport chargers and unique transport trays to increase safety, reduce setup time and complexity.

Designed, Manufactured & Supported in the UK

Weatherproof, Lightweight & Compact only 400g

Remote power on/off & Dual-band RTK positioning

Agile & High wind resistance